Licence and requirement for renewal

Licensure Examination

Our role in licensure examination
We regulate education practice through licensing examination to assess competencies needed by Registered or Enrolled Nurses and Midwives to deliver within the health care system

We also maintain positive image towards Nursing and Midwifery practice through improved performance of Nurses and Midwives education practice within the health care system that match with international standards

Licensing Examination

We set licensure examination for Nurses and Midwives who are trained and qualified at recognized training institutions Nursing and Midwifery by TNMC. The TNMC standard requires candidate for licensure examination to meet eligibility by passing qualifying examination.  The Licensure examination paper comprised with 180 questions examines measures the specific competencies expected of Nurses and Midwives practicing within that capacity and is administered over the course of three hours. The examination paper is structured in part one and part two. Each part consists of sections composed with question items to assess areas of specific competencies.

Level of the examination
There are two levels of TNMCLE; TNMCLE for enrolled nurses and TNMCLE for registered nurses

1. TNMCLE for Enrolled Nurses-eligible candidates are from certificate level of training
2. TNMCLE for Registered Nurses – eligible candidates are these from diploma holders to PhD level

Examination schedule
Licensure examination schedule is usually carried twice in a year. Between March/April and October/November each year 

Application for licensure examination and Examination fees

All applicants must be trained and qualified from recognized school and educational program meeting all requirements. Candidate are required to apply through online licensure examination application system in the period of 45 days prior the examination date

Applicants for examination shall select only one center among the identified centers
Announcement will be thorough the TNMC website and the payment should be made through Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GePG) after obtaining control number. The payment shall be done at NBC, NMB Branches/Agent or by using Mobile payment Services.

Eligible candidate shall fill and submit the completed application form and fulfill all requirements as instructed and attach the following:
•    Qualifying examination awarding certificate
•    Four colored passport size 2" by 2" photograph
•    Payment slip
•    Copies of relevant certificates and award certificate
Additionally, for international applicants:
•    Attach a copy of the license or diploma that allows you to practice professional nursing in the country where you were educated.
•     Attach copies of your registration certificates for nursing and midwifery if applicable.

Licensure examination centers

The licensure examination will be administered through identified examination centers. according to the type of program, number of candidates and accessibility. The licensure examination centers will be announced at the TNMC website and candidate will choose center according of his/her choice
Applicant shall be required to apply to sit at his/her center of choice

Photo: Licensure examination center
Licensure examination results and appeal
The LE results for all candidate will be directly released from the nursing Council to candidates through the website and to the nursing and midwifery schools/institutions and to the examination centers and not over the phone. Examination results are issued on a pass or fail basis and a percentage mark is not provided.

In case of dissatisfied appeal is open for candidate within 12 weeks (3 months) from the date of results released.

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