Who are we

Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery Council is a professional regulatory authority established under the Nursing and Midwifery Act, 2010 to ensure that services provided by nurses and midwives in Tanzania are of acceptable standard and safe to their clients. Only those with the right conduct and qualifications can practice as a nurse or midwife. 

What we do

  • We ensure that Register and Roll of nurses and midwives are kept, maintained and updated in prescribed manner.
  • We prescribe standards of proficiency necessary to be admitted to different parts of the Register or Roll.
  • We issue, renew, replace and cancel nursing and midwifery practicing licenses
  • We develop, conduct and regulate nursing and midwifery licensing examinations
  • We grant licenses for establishing private nursing and midwifery services
  • We set standards of nursing and midwifery training and education and evaluate quality of education.
  • We conduct disciplinary proceedings for malpractice, negligence or professional misconduct to licensed nurses and midwife and take disciplinary decision.


Excellence in the nursing and midwifery professions, delivery of high-quality nursing and midwifery care, positive image of nursing and midwifery, public satisfaction by responding to the health needs of Tanzanians.


A strong and effective Nursing and Midwifery Council that ensures protection of the public through provision of quality nursing and midwifery care by the nursing and midwifery professions and advocate for the profession by effectively regulating the practice of nursing and midwifery


  • Pursuit of excellence in service. The Council will strive to achieve the highest standard of nursing and midwifery services and actively look for opportunity to improve on those standards
  • Diligence. The Council will devote itself wholly to roles and responsibilities during the entire time
  • Accountability. The Council will be accountable to both nurses and midwives and the public.
  • Openness and transparency. The Council will strive to be open and transparent in discharging its duties.
  • Honest and Ethical. The Council will conduct itself in an honest, open and fair ethical manner.
  • Partnership. Seeking out and developing partnership with organizations, communities and individuals whose objectives are similar to those of the Council in an effort to ensure maximum provision of services to the public.

Contact Address

Kibaha Nurses Resource Centre

P.O.Box 6632


Mobile: 0786 785 947

Tel: 022-2121974

Fax: 022-2133975

Email: info@tnmc.go.tz

HQ Contact Address

Kambarage Tower, 5 Floor,

Benjamin Mkapa Road,

P. O. Box 1736,


Mobile: 0737 962 691

Tel: 262966061/62/63

Email: info@tnmc.go.tz


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