Tanzania Nursing & Midwifery Council



These standards of proficiency for midwifery practice in Tanzania were developed by working group assembled by the Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery Council constituted by Midwives from education and practice settings.

With mandate from the Nursing and Midwifery Act, 2010, the Council realized a need to review the existing standards in order to accommodate new trends and support the initiative to ensure Tanzanians are receiving quality and safe services.

The elements in the standard proficiency indicate the acceptable parameters for professional practice, areas of competencies, core competences and standards for nursing and midwifery education and practice. They have been developed to be in line with the scope of practice of nursing and midwives in Tanzanian context. In addition, these standards will help educators when they prepare their curriculum, as they prescribe expected competencies and proficiency of the nursing and midwives in Tanzania. Ultimately, they will also assist in monitoring and evaluating the quality of nursing and midwifery care.

It is the TNMC hope that these standards of proficiency for education and practice will be used in nursing and midwifery education and practice in order to improve the quality of care provided to individuals, families and communities in Tanzania.

Dr. Khadija Innocensia Malima
TNMC - Chairperson
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